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For complete easy application service and full compliance with data protection act, instant email confirmation, 24/7 online support, application checked for errors & omissions, telephone application service.
The pre-printed application form will then be returned to you to sign, date, add any documents or photographs that are needed, and return for processing.
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£150 Agency Fees for Passport Services

£152 Govt Fees for 1 Week Passport Renewal (Adult)

£127 Govt Fees for 1 Week Passport Renewal (Child)

£187 Govt Fees for Someday Passport Renewal

Client need to pay our agency fees plus Govt fees too.

All the orders will be processed once payment has arrived. We do not process any order until payment has been made.

Before you start

Our service is not connected to or affiliated with the Passport Office or any UK Government department. Our service fee is set out in our terms and conditions and is payable advance before completion of the online form and you will be required to pay the passport application before we start working on your passport application or passport renewal process. The information on this website may also be available without charge from other sources.
Our Service fee are as following:
All the fees includes our services plus Her Majesty’s Passport fees.

Important: You can’t use this service if you’re travelling within the next 4 weeks

You must book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Center if you need a passport urgently and you’re in the UK. After the appointment, you can get your passport the same day or within a week.

We are here to assist you with your online passport application service through the official Identity and Passport Service IPS. Our service helps individuals who are entitled to complete a UK passport application online to do so correctly, and to save you time and any confusion.

Please note:

Please note: Our service is not connected to or affiliated with the UK Passport Office or any UK Government department. We offer online passport application, online application for British citizenship, short term standard visa application submission services. We also provide UK visa advice, citizenship advice, immigration advice and other kind of immigration related advises.